The Velvet Bedspread (Cafee)


Best Bedspread (Black):

1- Velvet Bedspread with laser engraving Size: 240 * 260 cm
2- Pillowcases Size: 55 * 75 cm
1- Pillowcase Size: 45 * 170 cm
1- Cushion Size: 45 * 45 cm
1- Runner fur lined with velvet size 200*80 cm

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  • Bedspreads take you from Jacquard BedspreadsCotton Bedspreads, and Velvet Bedspreads to get all you need.
  • The best of Jacquard.
  • Bedspreads mean the ultra-lightweight and softness work perfectly as an extra layer of warmth and comfort when needed – but be careful, these Bedspreads can make getting out of bed more difficult.


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