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Our Story

Grand Style is considered one of the leading brands in Egypt and the Middle East, and it was able to enter thousands of homes around the world with products characterized by elegance and meticulous attention to detail, made of high-quality Egyptian cotton and French guipure, which suit the different tastes and needs of customers, so that it can be the number 1 company in record time. In the Egyptian market, which reflects the extent of customer satisfaction with its services and products

The beginning of the journey:

The story began in Alexandria in the Agamy district in 2015 with the founder of Grand Style, Amr Al-Banna, who was able to transform a small store into one of the largest companies in Egypt for the sale of home furnishings. Its aim is to provide comfort and happiness to our customers. 

And in 2017, the success of Grand Style culminated in the establishment of Jotex factories owned by the company, thus starting a new chapter in manufacturing the bulk of our products from the best Egyptian cotton in the world. 

Societal role:

Grand Style works with hundreds of families inside Egypt to achieve a better income by providing small projects to embroider towels and make bed linens manually, and thus we can achieve the requirements of our customers by obtaining distinguished quality products that have been worked with love and perfection while achieving a financial return for the families participating in the initiative

Our products:

Since its inception, Grand Style has been working to provide products with modern designs and high quality that have been worked with perfection in our factories to present to you with pride an Egyptian product made by Egyptian hands